Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friendship Is All About Love

Today is 3rd of August, but it is the first Sunday of August. Which means, today is officially the 'Friendship Day' (FD) . This day is so underrated unlike the 'Valentine's Day' (VD), yet i believe FD is a whole lot more meaningful than VD. The reason I'm saying this? Easy. We don't change BFFs as often as we change BF/GF , do we? That's my point. Plus, we share everything (i mean everything) with our BFFs more than we do with our BF/GF. Needless to say more I guess. So, to honor this particular special day, I'm going to list down all my BFFs together with their pics. As I am proud to have them in my life and I am honored they feel the same towards me too. So the award of "Sya's Best Friend Forever" goes to these lovely people :-

(the all-time BFF, the one who truly understands and knows
me,I'd trade my life for her, love her till death)

Noor Syamiema
(the nicest person on earth, we've been friends since forever)

(matured though we are of same age, the one who has gone through everything in life)

Nur Amalina
(we click together though we have different personalities, taste,
thoughts and etc.)

Rafie aka My Lost Love
(he was my everything and this 'maroon' baju Melayu carries
memory we had, and he is still there in me,
we are in touch most times)

(braniest I've ever known, yet humble and a good listener)

(the shirt also part of my old memories, but like I said, friendship and courtship carry different meaning altogether)

Siti Shahaina
(the most sensitive person and dependent, but she makes you feel indispensible for her dependency)

(the craziest and yet the only guy I can talk everything with,
we can speak about many things including all those 'non-sharables')

To these people, thank you for being there for me (although not all the time). Trust me, I value you guys the most above all other people. Though there is an end to everything, I hope there will be no end to friendship like this. Happy Friendship Day and May Allah bless us with long lasting friendship. To all people out there, enjoy and value your BFFs and friends while they are still with us. Enemies are easy to find, while friends are harder to get, BUT true friends take forever to stay...daa..

p/s: I hope for next year's list, these people will remain in my list, and there will be some additional members who are going to receive the coveted 'Sya's BFF' award... =)

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