Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Love Note To A Best Friend

I was alone in the dark until you came giving me light,
That first time we met I knew we were so much alike,
Since we became friend never once we had a big fight,
So close we are together that I rarely get uptight...

I love it when you don't nag or act like a mother,
As I already have one I don't need to have another,
At times whatever she says I don't even care to bother,
Unlike you she can't understand me and it makes me sadder...

I talk about you since you are my inspiration,
It is adorable when you treat me with patience,
I made silly mistakes but you never jump into conclusions,
Instead you let me trust you to offer explanation...

I have many friends but none can be compared to you,
They give me troubles but you make them suffer too,
When I'm harshly done by, you help me get through,
No one I know is true and noble like a beautiful you...

Having you in life eliminates my worldly greed,
You keep me company when nobody I wanna meet,
Everywhere we go you let me take the lead,
Words are not enough to thank everything you did,
Best friend I love you greatly as you complete my needs,
Through thick and thin I hope we remain together indeed...
I promise..........

-Syakira Ikram-
3rd May 08, 0015

p/s: Happy 1st Friendship Anniversary to my very BFF, Sue. I feel like I have known you forever yang. You are my best buddy ever, and this poem I wrote it for you...


Fiya RedApple said...


dear girls, appreciate ur GFs while u can. One day, when no one's around, GF is the one u want most to "sooth" u, "cleanse" u, and bring u back on track!

congrates, for such pure heart u hv 4 ur fren. prove it!

syA said...

As a matter of fact, I don't need her 'one' day. Instead I need her everyday to sooth, cleanse and put me on track.

I wrote the poem with her in mind, not only because of her pure heart. I wrote it because of me, it reminds me of how I badly I need her in my life.

I figured that I could be dumped when love is lost by a guy.

But I would never be dumped by her as the love will never be lost.

There's a huge difference between friendship and courtship. Only those who are sane enough know the former stands higher and lasts longer than the latter..

At least, that's what I Believe..