Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life Ain't Easy

Since this is the first time I write here, I'm not planning to overuse my word power by writing about heavier issues. At least not yet. And for the time being, I'm comfortable writing in English, sounds like lame, yeah I know. But honestly, I write English better than Malay although I speak Malay better than English. Life is about choices right, so I make mine already. The past one year, I have endured many great and difficult moments. So any future terrible moments I'll be experiencing will not hurt me much. I'm already getting used to bad treatment and harsh words. For all I know, not everybody likes me, and I don't have to like them as well. Life's just like that. We get paid for everything we do. No escape whatsoever. Once again, life is all about choices we make. This is a lesson of life that I managed to conclude:-

Life is terribly hard but it's just too beautiful to give up.. Life can be harshly done by but the lesson we get from it is what really counts.. Life is full of ups and downs, it's sweet when we are up in the sky but it really sucks when reality eventually kicks in. Life is full of fakes though it's not short of pure hearts, Life...all in all, is the only reason we live.. And I know for damn sure it's worth living and dying for..

p/s: I had a wonderful childhood. Though as great as it was, if I was given the chance to relive that experience, I would simply decline. The reason?? Well, let the past be history, it cannot be repeated, it should only be remembered. daa..

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