Thursday, July 19, 2007

-zOd!Ak mUs-

The Rooster
1909 - 1921 - 1933 - 1945 - 1957 - 1969 - 1981 - 1993 - 2005

The Rooster is:
Chinese Astrology, Horoscope & Zodiac: The Dog

Flamboyant, meticulous, humorous, dignified, confident, ambitious Creative, trustworthy, stubborn, caring, a good dresser, efficient Suited as a journalist, marketer, critic, PR, teacher Suited with the Snake, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Pig

Outlook for the Year

This year, you'll see plenty of helping hands assisting you this Dog year 2006! Colleagues, friends and superiors will be very supportive towards you and will be firmly behind you in all endeavors. Roosters should also start retaining funds this year and keep them safely in the bank, as the Dog year 2006 may indicate financial losses! On the work front, the Rooster may experience some setbacks, but they will be mild and not too stressful for you.

The Very Wealthy Horse (Bronze) should be kept close to you in the office to help retain your wealth this year.

And what about love? Single Roosters, this year will see you meeting up with suitable prospects, and enjoying yourself while doing so! For the married or the attached Rooster, it's all coming up roses for you this Dog year - you and your partner will enjoy renewed faith and love in each other. Enjoy!

The Feng Shui Crystal Swans are beautiful and potent in helping enhance love lives and romance! Place this pretty pair of crystal swans by the bedside.

The Rooster will find that this year is riddled with minor ailments. It's important for the Rooster to take charge and stock up on fresh vegetables and fruit, and do make sure to get enough sleep every night. Physical activities are also an auspicious thing for the Rooster to do - keep yourself fit, and you'll see perfect health this Dog year 2006!

The Jade Gourd Tassel is a portable and easy way to ensure prime health during work and play. Pop it in your bag or just hang it at home or in the office.

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