Wednesday, June 27, 2007


trUst !s vEry prEc!oUs tH!Ng
whEn U trUst sOmEoNe

!t's mEAns sHar!Ng pArt Of ur sOuL

4 sOme, trUst !s nOt eAsiLy g!vEn

!t tAkes t!me N cOmEs !n smAlL piEces
oNcE g!vEn, trUst !s pOwerfUL tOOl

tHat crEatEs b!Nd!Ng t!es
2 havE trUst brOkEn !s aN agOn!z!Ng tH!Ng

!t's As !f sOmeOne
hAs smOtHerEd a p!ecEs of Ur sOuL

Ur sElf-estEEm sUffErs a bLow
!t mAy nEver rEcOvEr frOm

U f!Nd Ur sElf !n a p!t of bLackNess
fUlL of dEsp a!r N sElf-p!ty

yEt, sOmEwhEre !n Ur m!Nd
tHere !s a LigHt

U w!lL f!Nd strEngth 2 rEcOvEr
N, God w!lL!Ng, U w!lL trUst aGa!n..

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