Wednesday, June 27, 2007


U r fr!ENdLy, k!Nd N cAr!Ng
sENs!t!vE, lOyAL N uNdErstANd!Ng
hUmOrOUs, fUN, sEcUre N trUe
aLwAys tHerE...yEs dAt's U...

spEAc!aL, accEpt!Ng, eX!t!Ng N w!se
trUthfUL N hELpfUL, w!t hONest bLUe eyEs
cONf!d!Ng, 4g!v!Ng, cHeerfUL N br!gHt
yEs dAt's U...nOt 1 b!t of sp!te

U'r 1 of a k!Nd, d!ffErENt frOm otHers
gENerOUs, cHarm!Ng, bUt nOt 1 dAt smOtHers
opt!m!st!c, tHoUgHtfUL, hAppy N gAMe
bUt nOt jUst anOtHer...!n d lONg cHa!n

apprEc!at!Ve, wArm N prEc!oUs l!ke gOLd
oUr frENsh!p wON't tArN!sh Or eVer grOw OLd
U'll aLwAys b tHerE, i kNOw dAt !s trUe
i'll aLwAys b tHerE..aLwAys 4 U

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